Episode 126: More Stories of Bunnyman and the Nightmare Creature

Episode 125: Spirits in the Pigeon Hills

Episode 124: Bigfoot and the Haunted House

Episode 123: Halloween Mix 2019

Episode 122: Strange Realities

Episode 121: It Looked Like Cousin It!

Episode 120: Owl Moon Echoes in Pandemonium (swapcast with Strange Brau Radio)

Episode 119: Pandemonium, part three

Episode 118: Pandemonium, part two

Episode 117: Sasq-Witching Hour (Alex, part two)

Episode 116: Pandemonium, part one

Episode 115: Sasq-Witch Chronicles with Alex, part one.

Episode 114: Encounters with The Other III

Episode 113: Followed by Djinn

Episode 112: Mr. Death

Episode 111: Swapcast - Conspirinormal

Episode 110: The Nightmare Creature Returns

Episode 109: Ouija Darkness

Episode 108: Surrounded By Hooded Entities

Episode 107: Mt. Bethel Cemetery

 Episode 106: Stay Away From Things You Don't Understand!

 Episode 105: Creature Feature Weekend

 Episode 104: They Had My Parents Voices

 Episode 103: Don't Mock Me!

 Episode 102: The Monk and the Green Mist

 Episode 101: Ramblejam 100

 Episode 100: Interview with a Powwow Doctor

 Episode 99: Black Dogs and the Pillar of Flame

 Episode 98: The Hog Farm and the Haunted Tupperware

 Episode 97: More Encounters with The Other

 Episode 96: Electric Trees and a Pitch-Black Creature

 Episode 95: Bunnyman Stories

 Episode 94: A Strange Day on White Rocks Trail

 Episode 93: Something Lifted the Car

 Episode 92: Encounters with The Other

 Episode 91: Ask Strange Familiars

 Episode 90: Flannel Man - More than a Ghost

 Episode 89: The Eyes of Bigfoot

 Episode 88: They Called Him Plaid 

 Episode 87: Tendrils of Inky Shadow

 Episode 86: A Crawling Bigfoot and the Necronomicon's Shadow

 Episode 85: Sounds at Site 7

 Episode 84: Sleep Paralysis, Ghosts, and Phantom Phone Calls

 Episode 83: Anubis and Bigfoot

 Episode 82: The Nightmare Creature

 Episode 81: Contact from Beyond

 Episode 80: William of the Fiery Flowers

 Episode 79: Faelien Contact, part two

  Episode 78: Faelien Contact, part one

 Episode 77: The Mysterious Disappearance at Seven Devils

 Episode 76: The Haunted Fiddle and the Cat Head Apparition

 Episode 75: A Halloween Flannel Man and an Impossibly Black Bigfoot

 Episode 74: Death's Gardens

 Episode 73: The Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts - part 2

 Episode 72: The Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts - part 1

 Episode 71: The Flannel Man's Grin

 Episode 70: The Grave of the Wolf-Man

 Episode 69: Weird Creatures, Ghosts, and Glitches

 Episode 68: A Creature Called Brownie

 Episode 67: The Faeliens

 Episode 66: The Airships (patrons)

  Episode 65: The Jumping Frenchmen

 Episode 64: It Was a Witch! ... or a Sasquatch! (part 2)

 Episode 63: It Was a Witch! ... or a Sasquatch! (part 1)

 Episode 62: Mirror-Men Who Moved Like Owls

 Episode 61: Shadows and Footsteps

 Episode 60: Belsnickel, the Christmas Wild Man

 Episode 59: Krampusnacht Jambalaya

 Episode 58: Supernatural Abductions, Changelings, and More

 Episode 57: The Broken Circle, part 3

 Episode 56: Thanksgiving Ghosts

 Episode 55: The Broken Circle - patron edition

 Episode 54: The Broken Circle, part 2

 Episode 53: The Broken Circle, part 1

 Episode 52: Bunny-Man, Black Dogs, and More - Halloween 2018

Episode 51: The High Priestess, the Haunted Tunnel, and the Buried Treasure

 Episode 50: The Great Psychedelic Synchronicity Ramble, part 2

 Episode 49: The Great Psychedelic Synchronicity Ramble, part 1

 Episode 48: Black Diamond Cemetery

 Episode 47: Flannel Man Returns

Episode 46: The Broken Circle Preview and the Crypto-Kid

Episode 45: A Dip in Devil's Creek

Episode 44: Return to Site 7

Episode 43: The Skogsra

Episode 42: Paranormal Bigfoot with Strange Brau

Episode 41: Black Eyed Children

Episode 40: The Bigfoot Erotica Show

Episode 39: Haunted House Tales

Episode 38: Chasing the Elusive Pennsylvania Bigfoot

Episode 37: The Oldest Bigfoot Photo?

Patron Episode 17: The Company They Keep

Episode 36: Touched by the Flannel Man

Episode 35: Screams in the Forest

Episode 34: A Lifetime of Experiences

Patron Episode 16: The Windigo and Other Sightings

Episode 33: Bigfoot, Trolls, and Mountain Giants

Episode 32: Earthlights, Elf-Lights, and UFOs

Episode 31: Wild Men of the Circus and Asylums

Patron Episode 15: Elf Gates and Offerings

Patron Episode 14: Ghostly Encounters

Episode 30: La Dame Blanche - Ghostly Women in White

Episode 29: The Michaux Roar

Patron Episode 13: Dead Woman's Hollow

Episode 28: A Haunted Church

Episode 27: Lights in the Woods

Episode 26: Encounters with the Flannel Man

Patron Episode 12: Orbducted, part 2

Episode 25: Orbducted

Episode 24: Sasquatch and the Faerie Realm

Patron Episode 11: The Ghost Train 1313

Episode 23: A Chicago Demon

Episode 22: Old Christmas Legends and Lore

Episode 21: The Astral Sasquatch

Patron Episode 10: The Legend of the Hounds

Episode 20: Site 7 Experiences, part 2

Patron Episode 9: Timothy's Weird Experiences, part 2

Patron Episode 8: Timothy's Weird Experiences, part 1

Episode 19: Site 7 - An Introduction

Episode 18: The Albatwitch

Episode 17: UFO Stories

Patron Episode 7: The Witch Tree

Episode 16: Gettysburg Ghosts

Episode 15: Kelly, Don't Pet the Devil Monkey

Episode 14: A New Voice

Patron Episode 6: Dogman Stakeout

Episode 13: Listener Stories 1 - Fae, Grassman, Hatman, and More

Patron Episode 5: Martha Place

Episode 12: Blind Joe Parsons

Episode 11: Iron and the Supernatural, part 2: The Blacksmith

Patron Episode 4: Updates

Episode 10: Iron and the Supernatural, part 1: Changelings

Episode 9: Bigfoot Yesterday and Today, part 2

Episode 8: Bigfoot Yesterday and Today, part 1

Episode 7: Spooklights and Headless Ghosts

Patron Episode 3: Human Zoos

Episode 6: Barnum's Cannibals

Episode 5: Haunted Roads

Patron Episode 2: The River Witch

Episode 4: The Witch Diggers

Episode 3: Toad Road and the Seven Gates of Hell, part 3

Patron Episode 1: The Mount Nebo Monster

Episode 2: The Singing Corpse

Episode 1: Toad Road and the Seven Gates of Hell, part 1 / Hex Hollow