Iron and the Supernatural, part 2: The Blacksmith

Iron and the Supernatural, part 2: The Blacksmith

Episode 11

We continue our talk about iron and the supernatural. This episode we focus on the blacksmith and the blacksmith’s role in folklore, magic, and as a liminal figure. We talk with author, powwow practitioner, and blacksmith, Cody Dickerson. We hear another story of a changeling and a boy taught to work iron by the faeries. Finally, we hear some traditional songs about the blacksmith.

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The Two Magicians

The lady stands at her bower door 
Straight as a willow wand 
And by her came the coal blacksmith 
With a hammer in his hand 
Crying bide, lady bide, 
There’s nowhere you can hide. 
This rusty smith will be your love 
For all your maiden pride. 
Well may you dress my lady fair 
All in your robes of red. 
Before the morn at this same time 
I’ll gain your maidenhead. 
Away, away you coal blacksmith 
Would you do me wrong 
To think to gain my maidenhead 
That I have kept so long. 
I’d rather I were dead and gone 
And buried in my grave 
Than a rusty stock of coal blacksmith 
My maidenhead should have. 
The lady she held up her hand 
And swore upon her soul 
That she’d not be that blacksmith’s love 
For a whole chest full of gold. 
The blacksmith he held up up his hand 
And swore upon the Mass: 
I’ll have you in my bed lady 
In a half an hour or less. 
The lady she became a dove 
And flew up in the air 
And he became a cock pigeon 
And they flew pair and pair. 
She was woe, he held her so 
And still he bade her bide. 
This lusty smith her lover was 
For all her maiden pride. 
The lady she turned into a hare 
And ran across the plain 
And he turned into a greyhound dog 
And chased her down again. 
And she became a little mare 
As dark as the night was black 
And he became a gilt saddle 
And rode upon her back. 
She became a silken plaid 
And stretched upon the bed 
And he became a green covering 
And gained her maidenhead. 
And she became a corpse, 
A corpse all in the ground, 
And he became the cold grey clay 
And smothered her all around. 


Cody Dickerson: Cody also recorded a sample of himself blacksmithing that we use just before his interview.

Michael Anderson:

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Blind Joe Parsons

Blind Joe Parsons