Strange Familiars is a paranormal podcast that tells stories through a combination of historical research, witness interviews, discussion, and on-site recordings when possible. Join Timothy and his rotating cast of co-hosts (Alison, Chad, Jon, and James) as they legend trip into unknown and forgotten places.

We create the entire podcast ourselves - everything from the logo and other artwork to recording, editing, and mixing the audio. Even the background music and opening theme were performed by Timothy's band, Stone Breath

Timothy is is an illustrator, author, paranormal investigator, and folk musician living in Pennsylvania. His illustrations have appeared in the pages of various books, magazines, fanzines and comics as well as on many record and CD covers. Since 1995, Timothy has been making music both solo and with his band, Stone BreathStone Breath has released over a dozen albums. Timothy makes regular appearances on the paranormal radio show, Where Did the Road Go?, and has appeared as a guest on many other podcasts and radio programs, including Coast to Coast AM.

Alison is a letter writer; antique photography collector and purveyor; researcher of sideshow photography in America's First Capitol; and our resident skeptic.

Chad grew up in the Pigeon Hills region of western York County, Pennsylvainia. A lifetime of roaming the woods, hills, and hollows lead Chad to develop his passion and skills as a woodsman. An interest in local history and folklore, as well as several strange encounters throughout his life, drew Chad’s attention to The Other - but it was his encounter with an unseen, roaring entity on White Rocks Trail which first brought Chad to Strange Familiars to tell his story.

Chad is the proprietor of Ruck Rabbit Outdoors a company which supplies customized and surplus gear to the bushcrafting community. Ruck Rabbit Outdoors also serves as a media entity documenting bushcraft skills, equipment, and adventures through the wilder places.

Jon spends his days as an agricultural educator, teaching people how to reconnect with the land, how to utilize and identify wild foods, and reevaluating how we feed ourselves on this planet. He approaches the paranormal from the standpoint of the skeptical ecologist, but is open to other ways of knowing and experiencing the world.

James has been the frontman of several hardcore punk and metal bands, including his most recent project, Orphan. When James isn't behind the mic on stage, he's behind the mic talking all things paranormal on Strange Familiars - or he's in the field investigating all manner of unusual phenomena.