It Was a Witch! ... or a Sasquatch (part one)

It Was a Witch! ... or a Sasquatch (part one)

Episode 63

Alex and Colin tell of a strange series of events that lead to a night of terror in the woods. A strange old woman directed them to a camping area. After an exchange of fruit with something unseen, they decided to return to the area for a three-day camping trip. Weirdness followed with bad smells, odd vocalizations, and other unexplained sounds. The trip culminated with Colin, separated from Alex, experiencing an intense and frightening night in the woods. Was it bigfoot or something even stranger? How is the old woman connected?

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It Was a Witch! ... or a Sasquatch! (part two)

It Was a Witch! ... or a Sasquatch! (part two)

Mirror-Men Who Moved Like Owls

Mirror-Men Who Moved Like Owls