Flannel Man Returns

Flannel Man Returns

Episode 47

Four witnesses tell their Flannel Man encounters. Deborah, Kristina, John, and Katheryn share their stories of strange entities in plaid shirts. Haunted houses, sleep paralysis, and ghostly black dogs often accompany the phenomenon. Join us as we search for answers. Who - or what - are these entities in flannel - and why are so many people seeing them?

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Episode 47 notes and links:

The cover art is by Timothy.

The podcast folks keep mentioning whereon they spoke about Flannel Man and Strange Familiarsis The Last Podcast on the Lefthttps://www.lastpodcastontheleft.com

Timothy’s books: https://www.amazon.com/Timothy-Renner/e/B072X44SD5


Michael Andersonhttps://drekka.bandcamp.com


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Black Diamond Cemetery

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