Belsnickel, the Christmas Wild Man

Belsnickel, the Christmas Wild Man

Episode 60

For our holiday episode, Timothy and Alison talk Belsnickel, the wild man of Pennsylvania Christmastime. Much fiercer and stranger than a simple proto-Santa Claus figure, Belsnickel was called a "bad faerie" and "half-man, half-beast" - which came from the forest at night to haunt children. Timothy and Alison read multiple historical accounts of the frightening Belsnickel smacking walls, peeking in windows, speaking in unknown languages, and generally behaving like a bigfoot creature. Timothy also presents an old song and a poem about Belsnickel uncovered in the research for this episode.

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The cover art is by Timothy. 

Intro by Clint Granberry of OK Talk:

Moritz Maier and Jerry Drake helped with the translation of the Belsnickel song and Cody Dickerson pointed us to the Belsnickel poem.

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All of the music in this episode and the closing song is by Timothy - from the Belsnickel album:

Shadows and Footsteps

Shadows and Footsteps

Krampusnacht Jambalaya

Krampusnacht Jambalaya