If you are wondering why you might be missing some episodes of Strange Familiars, it is probably because we started numbering our patron episodes in order with our regular shows at episode 39.

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Episodes 101-up

100_icon.jpg Episode 100: Interview with a Powwow Doctor

99_icon.jpg Episode 99: Black Dogs and the Pillar of Flame

 SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 98: The Hog Farm and the Haunted Tupperware (patrons)

97_icon.jpg Episode 97: More Encounters with The Other

 SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 96: Electric Trees and a Pitch-Black Creature (patrons)

95_icon.jpg Episode 95: Bunnyman Stories

ep94_icon.jpg Episode 94: A Strange Day on White Rocks Trail

93_icon.jpg Episode 93: Something Lifted the Car

92_icon.jpg Episode 92: Encounters with The Other

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 91: Ask Strange Familiars (patrons)

Ep90_icon.jpg Episode 90: Flannel Man - More than a Ghost

ep89_icon.jpg Episode 89: The Eyes of Bigfoot

ep88_icon.jpg Episode 88: They Called Him Plaid 

87_icon.jpg Episode 87: Tendrils of Inky Shadow

86_icon.jpg Episode 86: A Crawling Bigfoot and the Necronomicon's Shadow

85_icon_sm.jpg Episode 85: Sounds at Site 7 (patrons)

84_icon2.jpg Episode 84: Sleep Paralysis, Ghosts, and Phantom Phone Calls

83_icon.jpg Episode 83: Anubis and Bigfoot

82_icon.jpg Episode 82: The Nightmare Creature

81_icon.jpg Episode 81: Contact from Beyond

StWilliam_80.jpg Episode 80: William of the Fiery Flowers

79_icon_sm.jpg Episode 79: Faelien Contact, part two (patrons)

 sf78_icon.jpg Episode 78: Faelien Contact, part one

Cecil_moneybag.jpg Episode 77: The Mysterious Disappearance at Seven Devils (patrons)

HauntedFiddle_icon.jpg Episode 76: The Haunted Fiddle and the Cat Head Apparition

Ep75_icon.jpg Episode 75: A Halloween Flannel Man and an Impossibly Black Bigfoot

ep74_icon.jpg Episode 74: Death's Gardens

secretcipher_icon2.jpg Episode 73: The Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts - part 2 (patrons)

secretcipher_icon1.jpg Episode 72: The Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts - part 1 (patrons)

Ep71_icon.jpg Episode 71: The Flannel Man's Grin

Ep70_icon_sm.jpg Episode 70: The Grave of the Wolf-Man (patrons)

69_newicon.jpg Episode 69: Weird Creatures, Ghosts, and Glitches

68_icon.jpg Episode 68: A Creature Called Brownie

ep67_ICON.jpg Episode 67: The Faeliens

66airship.jpg Episode 66: The Airships (patrons)

 65_ICON.jpg Episode 65: The Jumping Frenchmen

64_icon_sm.jpg Episode 64: It Was a Witch! ... or a Sasquatch! (part 2) - patrons

63_ICON.jpg Episode 63: It Was a Witch! ... or a Sasquatch! (part 1)

SF62icon.jpg Episode 62: Mirror-Men Who Moved Like Owls

hatmanICON_sf.jpg Episode 61: Shadows and Footsteps

BelsnickleSF_icon.jpg Episode 60: Belsnickel, the Christmas Wild Man

KJ_icon.jpg Episode 59: Krampusnacht Jambalaya (patrons)

Ep58_icon.jpg Episode 58: Supernatural Abductions, Changelings, and More

ep57_icon.jpg Episode 57: The Broken Circle, part 3

TrainImage.jpg Episode 56: Thanksgiving Ghosts (patrons)

Ep55_icon_sm.jpg Episode 55: The Broken Circle - patron edition

54_icon.jpg Episode 54: The Broken Circle, part 2

Ep53_icon.jpg Episode 53: The Broken Circle, part 1

Ep51_icon.jpg Episode 52: Bunny-Man, Black Dogs, and More - Halloween 2018 (patrons)

51_icon.jpg Episode 51: The High Priestess, the Haunted Tunnel, and the Buried Treasure (patrons)

50_icon.jpg Episode 50: The Great Psychedelic Synchronicity Ramble, part 2

49_icon2.jpg Episode 49: The Great Psychedelic Synchronicity Ramble, part 1

48_art2.jpg  Episode 48: Black Diamond Cemetery

Ep47_art.jpg  Episode 47: Flannel Man Returns

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 46: The Broken Circle Preview and the Crypto-Kid (patrons)

 Ep45_DCREEK_cover.jpg   Episode 45: A Dip in Devil's Creek

s7X.jpg Episode 44: Return to Site 7 (Patrons)

Skogsra_cover.jpg Episode 43: The Skogsra

cover1.jpg Episode 42: Paranormal Bigfoot with Strange Brau

Ep41_art.jpg Episode 41: Black Eyed Children

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 40: The Bigfoot Erotica Show (patrons)

Haunted_House.jpg Episode 39: Haunted House Tales (patrons)

EP38_COVER.jpg Episode 38: Chasing the Elusive Pennsylvania Bigfoot

Ep37_cover.jpg Episode 37: The Oldest Bigfoot Photo?

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Patron Episode 17: The Company They Keep

FMan2icn2.jpg Episode 36: Touched by the Flannel Man

ScreamsintheForest_art.jpg Episode 35: Screams in the Forest

lifetimeart_2.jpg Episode 34: A Lifetime of Experiences

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Patron Episode 16: The Windigo and Other Sightings

bf_grassman_ep33COVER.jpg Episode 33: Bigfoot, Trolls, and Mountain Giants

SF32_cover.jpg Episode 32: Earthlights, Elf-Lights, and UFOs

wildman_31art.jpg Episode 31: Wild Men of the Circus and Asylums

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Patron Episode 15: Elf Gates and Offerings

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Patron Episode 14: Ghostly Encounters

Ep30_art.jpg Episode 30: La Dame Blanche - Ghostly Women in White

29MichauxRoar_image.jpg Episode 29: The Michaux Roar

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Patron Episode 13: Dead Woman's Hollow

28_icon.jpg Episode 28: A Haunted Church

LightsintheWoods_icon.jpg Episode 27: Lights in the Woods

FManICON.jpg Episode 26: Encounters with the Flannel Man

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Patron Episode 12: Orbducted, part 2

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 25: Orbducted

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 24: Sasquatch and the Faerie Realm

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Patron Episode 11: The Ghost Train 1313

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 23: A Chicago Demon

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 22: Old Christmas Legends and Lore

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 21: The Astral Sasquatch

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Patron Episode 10: The Legend of the Hounds

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 20: Site 7 Experiences, part 2

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Patron Episode 9: Timothy's Weird Experiences, part 2

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Patron Episode 8: Timothy's Weird Experiences, part 1

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 19: Site 7 - An Introduction

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 18: The Albatwitch

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 17: UFOs

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Patron Episode 7: The Witch Tree

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 16: Gettysburg Ghosts

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 15: Kelly, Don't Pet the Devil Monkey

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 14: A New Voice

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Patron Episode 6: Dogman Stakeout

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 13: Listener Stories 1 - Fae, Grassman, Hatman, and More

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Patron Episode 5: Martha Place

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 12: Blind Joe Parsons

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 11: Iron and the Supernatural, part 2: The Blacksmith

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Patron Episode 4: Updates

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 10: Iron and the Supernatural, part 1: Changelings

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 9: Bigfoot Yesterday and Today, part 2

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 8: Bigfoot Yesterday and Today, part 1

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 7: Spooklights and Headless Ghosts

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Patron Episode 3: Human Zoos

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 6: Barnum's Cannibals

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 5: Haunted Roads

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Patron Episode 2: The River Witch

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 4: The Witch Diggers

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 3: Toad Road and the Seven Gates of Hell, part 3

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Patron Episode 1: The Mount Nebo Monster

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 2: The Singing Corpse

SFPlogo2-b.jpg Episode 1: Toad Road and the Seven Gates of Hell, part 1 / Hex Hollow


Episodes 101-up